We are a climate-neutral company!

A climate-neutral company means that we have recorded our greenhouse gas emissions, are continuously reducing them and offset the remaining emissions through climate protection projects.

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matteco GmbH is a climate-neutral company!

Climate-neutral company
"Our" climate protection project
Climate-neutral products
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Climate-neutral company

Our climate neutrality is confirmed by an official label from ClimatePartner.

The company's CO2-emissions were calculated with all direct emissions (scope 1), the emissions of purchased energy (scope 2) and part of the indirect emissions from the supply chain (scope 3).

Since we as a company fortunately cause relatively few CO2-emissions, we also had to offset relatively few CO2-emissions via a climate protection project in order to achieve the goal of climate neutrality as a company.

Our climate neutrality can be tracked in the ClimatePartner ID tracking via our "climate neutral company" label and ID number: