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matteco elastomer products

Sound insulation
Vibration reduction
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Sound insulation

Investments in sound insulation serve to improve living comfort. Depending on the type of building, they offer a more people-friendly living and working environment and serve to preserve health, because they fundamentally reduce noise pollution in buildings. At the same time, they increase the value of a property in the long term.

We have our customers' wishes and needs in mind

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Site management

Our competent advice and short delivery times support you in every construction project. We guarantee reliable delivery, even at short notice, of even the smallest quantities.

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Architectural Team

Our product portfolio offers a technically advanced and attractively priced alternative to traditional materials. Our elastomeric bearings also have a 75% lower carbon footprint compared to synthetically produced elastomeric bearings.

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Construction Material Retailers

We value the close partnership we have with construction material retailers! Our price structure makes the sale of our products attractive. Our service orientation and ability to deliver enable us to always meet binding delivery date commitments.

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Building contractor

We guarantee you competent, service-oriented, professional support from our sales department. The size of our company enables us to react flexibly to your requirements and provide you with solutions at short notice.

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Sustainability management

Our elastomer material have a variety of applications, most importantly to replace materials with a significantly worse carbon footprint. We are keen to hear from you if you have an application we have never come across before. We are open to new challenges. 

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We offer a very good price-performance ratio and are therefore a more than interesting supplier in any purchasing strategy. The quality of our sustainable German-manufactured products is sure to  convince the experts in your company. matteco stands for 'Made in Germany'.

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"Your need is what motivates us. Customized solutions are our strength."

Matthias Krieg, CEO matteco GmbH