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matteco uses shear-soft elastomeric bearings for its ecowal ceiling bearings to prevent structural damage. The systematic load centring in connection with the absorption of length changes and angular rotations prevents spalling. At the same time, the use of the ceiling bearings compensates for unevenness and reduces sound bypasses. Also available with fire protection F90.

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Elastomer made from recycled rubber raw materials

ecowal wall and ceiling bearings

Ceiling bearing ecowal type Z
Ceiling bearing ecowal type Z F90
Ceiling bearing ecowal type ZG
Ceiling bearing ecowal type ZG F90
Wall bearing ecowal type A
Deckenlager ecowal Typ Z matteco

Ceiling bearing ecowal type Z


Core strip bearing with load centring and PE foam blind shuttering on both sides.


The shear-soft elastomeric bearing ELR 8 with general building authority approval is used as the elastomeric core of this ceiling bearing.

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The elastomeric bearing ELR 8 is available in thickness 10mm.

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The ceiling bearing can also be supplied with an elastomer core in 5mm thickness, but without general building authority approval.

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The elastomeric bearing absorbs changes in length and twists.

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The standard length of a bearing is 1m.

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