The "Green" at matteco

matteco not only considers environmental protection in its name (Matte+ecological = matteco). We have committed ourselves to the environment from the ground up by manufacturing rubber mats from used tyres. As a result, we recycle up to 1000 tonnes of high-quality waste tyre rubber powder each year.

This represents more than 97 % of the raw material basis of our extra rugged and long-life roll and board products. These are developed in turn according to an in-house matteco recipe. A special adhesive means that each of our products is completely recyclable and is resupplied to the production process without a loss of quality. matteco is the only manufacturer of rubber mats in Germany to use exclusively these solvent-free adhesives. This also conserves the natural rubber resources.
Environmental protection is a key principle of our company strategy. As a result, both our products and the production conditions are environmentally friendly. A major part of the power for our energy-saving manufacturing process is generated by a photovoltaic system on the roof of the matteco production facility in Kappelrodeck in Baden. Moreover, our team uses electric vehicles as company cars.

The matteco products undergo continuous testing as well as further development for the purposes of environmental protection, and we are constantly looking for even more environmentally-friendly alternatives. The goal is to reduce emissions further and conserve even more resources. Our suppliers are also checked on a regular basis.

Our "Ecology" not only means consciously lived and breathed handling of resources. It also entails the permanent commitment to the constant improvement of environmental protection in the company over and above the legal requirements.

matteco stands for sustainable growth and environmental protection. And this is only possible if we face up to our responsibilities.