The high-performance solution

matteco manufactures high-quality rubber mats from waste tyre rubber powder in its own production facility. matteco uses a unique process based on a special adhesive to manufacture extremely high-quality rubber mats from recycled used tyres, which are in turn 100% recyclable. The raw material is an ambient fine powder of used tyre rubber. The powder is mixed with a copolyester hot-melt adhesive without plasticizer and heated up, pressed and then cooled by means of special processes.

matteco rubber mats have outstanding properties for solving acoustic problems, decoupling components and reducing vibrations and can be combined very effectively with insulation material.

matteco rubber mats can be manufactured from a thickness of 10 mm with up to three different layers of rubber grain sizes. As a result, the top and bottom layer can e.g. be made of fine powder, in order to obtain a smooth surface. The middle layer can consist of granulate for tailored damping values.

matteco rubber mats can be provided with a special coating, e.g. a polyester fabric, depending on customer requirements. Our own production facility enables us to consider your requirements quickly and without complications. Our cutting plant means that we have the option of tailoring the matteco rubber mats to your requirements. We can manufacture matteco rubber mats with a wide range of properties especially to your individual requirements on the basis of a large number of different recipes.

matteco rubber products do not have any voids. The complete cross-linking of the fine powder with the binder allows extremely high mechanical stressing without spheroidization (separation of granulate) occurring. The closed surface means that no dirt can penetrate the rubber products and negatively affect the function.

The advantages at a glance:
  • Excellent mechanical properties such as:
    - Extremely high compressive strength
    - Excellent reversed bending properties
    - Extremely high sliding and static friction
    - Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Homogeneous, fine-pored and closed surface
  • Volume-elastic, dimensionally stable and damp-proof
  • Complete compression recovery through copolyester binders
  • Solvent-free
  • Long service life
  • Waterproof
  • Oil, UV and grease-resistant
  • Non-woven or fabric inlay possible
  • Available in all thicknesses

Comparison of the fine matteco surface with the surface of a conventional coarse-grained product:

The difference between the dense matteco surface in comparison with the inhomogenous surface can be seen even more clearly against the light: