How it all began

The product which matteco produces is actually not new. Rubber mats made of granulated used tyres are not a groundbreaking innovation but decades old.

So why did matteco co-founder, Frank Fuhrer, wish to start his own business in this sector of all things? The answer: a new environmentally friendly production method which provided unprecedented quality. A special adhesive in conjunction with a production process which has been continuously further developed since 2007 makes this possible. A rubber mat with an extremely high load capacity and a long service life comes into being at the end of the production process. Furthermore, the product is 100 percent recyclable as a result of this special manufacturing process.

Extraordinarily rugged, high-performance and also ecological – arguments with which Frank Fuhrer was able to convince his business partner, Matthias Krieg, of the virtues of the rubber mat. The two graduate engineers had got to know each other during their studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Offenburg and had always had the dream of starting their own business at some stage or other with a good product. That moment arrived when Frank Fuhrer met the developer of the innovative process. "Although I had worked in the industry for a long time, I was surprised when I held these rubber mats in my hands for the first time", says Frank Fuhrer. "This is the best thing which can be produced from granulated used tyres.” Matthias Krieg was also immediately excited: "A fascinating product which is used in a wide range of industrial and commercial sectors and whose potential has nowhere near been exhausted," says the long-standing project coordinator in industrial plant construction.
With the agreement of the developer, he and Frank Fuhrer decided to set up their own production in Germany. Bernd Krieg, Graduate in Business Management, business consultant and managing director of a holding company became the last member of the team.

The plan was finalised in November 2014. The ecological footprint of their product was important to the three founders even in the initial stages of their company. This is also reflected in the company name (Matte + ecological = matteco). Frank Fuhrer explains: "We protect the environment in many respects: through recycling used tyres, conserving the natural rubber resources and an energy-saving manufacturing process. In addition to this, matteco rubber mats remain in the cycle as a result of the special adhesive and do not end up in landfill."

The matteco team also found ideal production conditions in Kappelrodeck in Baden. "A major part of the power is generated by a photovoltaic system on the roof of the company building, moreover, electric vehicles as company cars round off our quest to conserve resources", says Matthias Krieg.

matteco GmbH was finally officially founded by Frank Fuhrer, Matthias and Bernd Krieg in April 2015.